Welcome to the 18th Chancery Court District. We are here to serve your needs. Chancery Court handles the following different types of cases:

  • All matters in equity
  • Divorce and alimony
  • Matters testamentary and of administration
  • Minor’s business
  • Cases of idiocy, lunacy, and persons of unsound mind
  • All cases of which the said court had jurisdiction under the laws in force when the Constitution was put in operation
  • In suits to try title and to cancel deeds and other clouds upon title to real estate, to also decree possession, to displace possession and to decree rents and compensation for improvements and taxes.

Form Downloads

Order Setting Case for Trial
Order of Continuance
Consent & Order for Divorce
Order to Appoint Guardian ad Litem
Order to Transfer Venue
Order to Transfer to Youth Court
Order Requiring Drug Testing
Order Taking Matter Under Advisement
Order Continuing Case & Resetting for Trial
Motion and Order to Dismiss Fault Grounds
Order of Appointment of Counsel
Physician’s Affidavit

Please mail, e-mail or fax all completed Orders for Setting or Continuance to the Judge’s office for signature. Please remember to send us copies of any Orders signed directly by the Chancellor if the Order contains a court date. Otherwise, we will not know to place the matter on the docket.